New Perspectives Consulting, Inc.
Financial Strategies for Business Growth

“David Walker is one of the finest business planners I have ever worked with. He provides a calm hand to fast growing firms, handles difficult personalities and situations very well, and successfully focuses a management team on key issues.”

                        Gary Freedman, Partner, Ervin, Cohen & Jessup LLP


“David saw the opportunity to put one company’s technology resources together with another group’s industry expertise. Without him, this company would never have come into existence.”

                        Mark Taylor, CEO, VolumeFoods, Inc.


“We have directly benefited from David Walker's experience, advice and professionalism, so much so, that our Board requested that he sit on our Advisory Committee and be our Acting CFO.”

                        Paul Goldman, CEO, GiantWindow, Inc.


“We first met David when he came in over a Thanksgiving weekend to help us prepare pro-forma financials for our presentation to venture capitalists. After hearing his recommendations and gaining from his experienced insight, we just drafted him onto our Advisory Committee and never let him go.”

                        Stan Burns, CEO, Synergy Ventures, Inc. (Direct Synergy)


“David Walker has always provided Infonet Services Corporation with the highest quality analysis and strategic recommendations.”

                        Akbar Firdosy, CFO, Infonet Services Corporation


“David’s what I’d call a “business catalyst”. He comes in, listens, asks questions and learns the situation. Then in an open give-and-take discussion, he makes recommendations that help transform our ideas into something better.”

                        Robert Hobmann, President, ProBar Inc.


“David does more than consult on business plans. He focuses a company's business model, gets the principals to define critical missing details, challenges their assumptions like an investor, then extends their thinking to areas they have not considered. He really adds value to our emerging company clients.”

                        Randy Catanese, Partner, Catanese & Wells LLP

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