New Perspectives Consulting, Inc.
Financial Strategies for Business Growth



A senior partner, with years of management and consulting experience, will be working with you. We do not send in a team of new MBA graduates being trained by a part time associate at your expense. You get a real professional who has been there before, knows what you are facing, and has solutions that fit your business needs.




At NPC we focus on Financial and Business Growth issues. Growing a business means understanding the business, its environment, competitors as well as your own strengths and weaknesses. The challenges of growth encompasses a wide range of business issues; we know how to define and solve enterprise wide challenges because we have the range of experience working across functional lines and know how the parts interact. Let New Perspectives Consulting get your firm on the right track today.




At NPC we do not have a high corporate overhead we need to build into our billing. By coordinating with other firms specializing in business growth issues, we can pull together the specialists we need to solve your unique challenges. NPC has access to over 700 service professionals that can help our client’s needs – we will put together the unique team you need to solve your problem.




NPC depends on long term relationships and referrals.  We will not be trying to sell you accounting services or packaged management training; our revenues are generated by solving your problems. We have to deliver the best solutions every time.


 New Perspectives Consulting – Focus, Expertise, Value, Commitment

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